Premium podcast production for content marketers

Striqo will help you with show conception, growth strategy, and high-quality production for your podcast.

  • Launch Your Podcast

    Plan, record and launch a podcast that will make you stand out.

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  • Edit Your Podcast

    Get your podcast professionally edited, within 48 hours.

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Create a show that makes an impact, engages your audience and builds genuine trust.

As marketers, we've all followed a similar content marketing playbook for years, with maybe a few advancements.

We create awareness content for our funnel, which could be blog posts, videos, webinars or something else. We get a certain number of people at the top of that funnel, then we can nurture those leads until we can sell to them.

Podcasting takes that top of the funnel awareness content and gets to work building trust and authenticity with your brand.

How much does it cost?

It's not fun chasing after quotes for production. Striqo's pricing is simple. Already got a podcast? Sure, let's get it edited. Want to launch one? Even better.

  • Launch

    Guiding you through every step of the process to get your podcast off the ground.
  • Edit

    Focus on making the best possible show and take the stress of editing away.

What do people think?

  • James is the producer (or should that be ‘miracle worker’) behind my Uncensored CMO podcast and really knows his stuff. Drop him a line if you are thinking of starting your own!

    Jon Evans, CMO
  • James was a reliable, creative and hardworking individual. He showed good initiative when it came to problem-solving and progressing our ideas.

    Rob Cheyne, Program Manager
  • James completely understood our vision and delivered beyond our expectations. Awesome results.

    Brook Harris, Founder
Prof pic Prof pic

Hi, I'm James 👋🏼

I want to help content marketers create and launch their podcasts, without any of the hassle.

I've spent my career split between marketing agencies, in-house and freelancing - I've seen what works and what doesn't.

Podcasting is a medium I'm truly passionate about and I believe every content marketer should see the benefits.

I have started and produced hundreds of podcasts, along with my own, the Marketing Mashup and my aim is to make podcasting accessible to everyone.

James McKinven

Get the support you need to start and grow your podcast

Podcasting is the medium where your audience can spend hours with your brand, building trust and a relationship you can't get through any other marketing channel.

  • Strategy

    Who is your podcast for? What format does it need to be? How long are the episodes? All of these questions covered.

  • Audio Branding

    Your podcast goes further than just visual branding. Add common themes so your episodes are unmistakably you.

  • Remote Recording

    Being able to produce a high-quality podcast from the comfort of your own home, made a breeze.

  • Show Notes

    In-depth, well-structured show notes are essential to help take your podcast beyond the episode.

  • Email Marketing

    Get your content in front of your existing audience with email automation. Our CRM of choice is HubSpot.

  • Reformating

    Take your new content and break it down into re-usable assets across all marketing channels.

  • Monetisation

    Take your podcast to the next level by earning money through sponsors and special content.

  • Publishing

    Have your podcast on all players in no time, so your listeners are never without a fresh episode.

Want to learn more about podcasting?

We'll send you regular insights (no more than 1 or 2 per month) to help you make better content.

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